Pakistani Racists Murder White Man


You'll never believe this, but the news source for this is the BBC. Of course racist attacks against white people have happened many times before, it's just the p.c. media aren't really interested, and so the cases go widely unpublicised.
Asian gang [Pakistani of Muslim origin - not Buddhists] members who boasted they had killed a white man have been found guilty of murder.

The court heard that after the attack Zulfiqar shouted, in Urdu: "We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."

Mr Yates's head was stamped on and he died from multiple injuries to his face, said Anthony Leonard QC, prosecuting.

"It was a ferocious attack"... After attacking Mr Yates, the group, all unemployed, moved on to Ilford where they shouted racial abuse at a black resident who remonstrated after they damaged vehicles and set off car alarms.
This comes day after Somalian asylum seekers (also happening to be of Muslim origin) are held on suspicion of murdering a white woman police officer (though it's not thought be a racist attack).

And people get upset when I say if Europe continues with uncontrolled immigration in the next 20-30 years there's going to be major civil unrest in European countries, as the values of the natives are subdued to 'other' values.

11 Responses to “Pakistani Racists Murder White Man”

  1. # Anonymous Murqtaad

    I feel sorry for this bloke. Its obvious to everyone with a functioning brain that islam breeds destruction. Time to martyr all the backwards camel fuckers. Is today too soon?  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thats a bit extreme.  

  3. # Blogger J

    this should be front paged in all the papers. Show the "educated" that non whites can be racist too.

    jonz, if you want to discuss the blog alliance, come to

    i'll make you a administrator when i get a chance to setup properly  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Nice one j  

  5. # Anonymous Vikrant

    Freakin Lefties at PP. I need an outlet.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous


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  7. # Blogger jonz

    LOL Vikrant. It can be a frustrating experience!  

  8. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    Pakistan is supposedly at war with the Taliban.

    I don't buy the reverse racism type argument. These guys will kill brown skinned just as easy.

    I'm your token lefty on your blog, and you bring the right to mine. I'm actually proud of that.

    Check this out. I found my website was linked on other sites I was unaware of. That was nice.

    I alo found a blog you should look at:

    It was fun reading about Cambodia.


  9. # Anonymous sonia

    come on. its pretty obvious generally that 'non-whites' are just as racist as 'whites' or anyone else for that matter..There appears to me ( from my position on the outside!) a disjuncture between what is acceptable for 'minorities' to say and 'the powerful majority' - simply because of past power dynamics, colonialism what have you, and clearly some ( not all!) minorities take advantage of..

    ( like the sort of anti-men thing you get from hard-core feminists)

    you can see where it comes from..

    however it doesn't represent 'equality'  

  10. # Blogger jonz

    Sonia, good point, well made.  

  11. # Anonymous Guvnor

    Funnily enough, or not as the case may be. You mentioned about the implications of Europes Uncontrolled imigration in the future. I will get you a few other links that if you fish around for information regarding internet scams makes you worry about your personal safety if you get duped. These guys are serious orginised criminals many from Nigeria, but guess where they also operate? London.

    Guess what the police can do to help? You guessed it, fuck all. Until you are dead of course. Guess what the government are doing to control the threat to people in this country not only financially but also with the possibility of these guys paying you a visit? Yep, fuck all just making the risk worse by allowing these people the freedom of the country.

    Anyway i have writting the first part of the article which is quite sinister as well as interesting, I would also ask if you can forward the article to as many people you can to help them spot some of the not so obvious scams, and of course protect their safety and privacy when they suss they have been scammed.  

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