An ordinary American Muslim... Advocating Stoning to Death for Adultery...

On Pickled Politics, go down to comment number 52....

Him: Quran says very clearly, if non Muslims are being opressed under a Muslim government or ruler, then you go fight them as well….I wonder why maulvis forget to menton this while going on and on about the concept of jihad.

Me: It also says that if you have four male Muslim witnesses an adultress can be legally stoned to death. What are your thoughts on this please? I’m not trolling, I genuinley want to hear your answer.

Him: It also says that Muslims are to be honest and not hide the truth, Allah is all seeing and all knowing. So if there are four male Muslim witnesses that see any crime take place, who are known for their honest among the people, then how can you reject their testimony?

Me: You are parodying Islamists, right?...

Him: What does the Quran advocate? When people were stoned to death during the time of Prophet Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa salam) what was the circumstances? Was it a tool used only against women?

What I advocate is that both men and women, dont commit adultery. And that Men and women observe each others rights that ALlah has placed on them both as husband and wife, and that they treat thier marriage like the trust that it is.

Me: You sick fuck. It’s more important than men or women don’t commit adultery than the right to not be stoned to death?

Comments anyone?

8 Responses to “An ordinary American Muslim... Advocating Stoning to Death for Adultery...”

  1. # Blogger J

    Just think Jonz, if you were having this argument in saudi arabia (not that filthy infidels like us would be allowed into the pinacle of the islamic world), you would have been stoned to death for disputing the "superiority" of the quran.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Well this is true. But it seems some people who are casually commenting on these blogs think that this country should be like Saudia Arabia...  

  3. # Anonymous Sunny

    Yes I have a few comments j0nz. Firstly she is American.

    Secondly, you are getting wound up about her stoning an adulterer (which I don't support), but I've never seen you worked up about the constant stream of comments on LGF which advocoate killing all Muslims. Maybe I saw some moral equivalence by you I'd consider this seriously.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    To be honest honest Sonny I've never heard any of the commentors from LGF say such things, though I'm aware they have been said in the past.

    If had personally heard any such comments I wouldn't hesistate to lay into them.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    As I have replied over at Pickled, maybe this Bikhair woman should take a look at her 'justice'
    in action.  

  6. # Anonymous Sunny

    j0nz - Cool, as long as we have the same standards. Though I'm not referring to those who start topics on LGF (they're careful enough), but those who post comments in reply on LGF and JihadWatch.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous


    "It’s more important than men or women don’t commit adultery than the right to not be stoned to death?"

    Do you know what is worse than being stoned to death, the hell fire. Now that is gruesome, and out of our control. No constitution or Declaration of Human Rights is gonna save you from that pit.  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    I'll take the hell fire if it's all the same to you. I hear hell is quite nice this time of year. See you there.  

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