Missing the point?

Im drunk; I will admit. But I've been posting about such negative things in the world, I thought I better post this to remind myself tommorow to post something positive. Admittedly nobody ever comments on my happy posts, as I suspect a newspaper that only sells happy news would sell very little, if it all!

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  1. # Blogger jonz

    I was feeling rather depressed last night with all the shit going on in the world. But having read Mark Steyn this morning I'm idignant and I will not shut up.  

  2. # Blogger Pastorius

    Good for you, bro, on all counts; drunk and indignat.  

  3. # Blogger J

    :) jonz, if you wanna post something a bit more upbeat, post this http://www.vertical-visions.com/_temp/postagepaid/index2.html

    I was going to blog it when i got a chance, but I keep pushing it back, im sure you'll do a better job at it then i can.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    LOL j, I have seen that one before. I'll keep it in mind next time I'm down :)  

  5. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    jOnz, are you really drunk ALL the time? I always comment on you fun posts - its what keeps me coming back for more. dont stop.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    LOL ... not all the time! I'm sober now for example!

    DrunkenBlogging is more of an ethos than a way of life - It's just that I often feel compelled to blog when I'm drunk.

    "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts". Well depends on the man I suppose.

    I love to get drunk with friends and have a real good chat about life. Can't beat it.  

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