Good News from The Muslim Community in Yorkshire

The Sun reports that members of the Asian community (they mean Muslim right?) have handed to authorities some jihadi videos & DVD's they found lying around a mosque in Yorkshire. Here

Local resident Safiq Patel said Muslims picked up the tapes thinking they were readings or prayers from the Koran but were stunned to find they were violent jihad videos.

He said: "These tapes were left at points of public access in the reception areas of the mosques. "

People were shocked to find messages of jihad. It is someone trying to drum up violence, especially among the younger members of the community."

Somebody is trying to infiltrate their consciences, decision-making and values in the hope of perhaps recruiting the terrorists of the future from this community."

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Members of the local Asian community have brought this matter to our attention."

"We have received a copy of a video which is currently being looked at. The inquiry is at an early stage."

Obviously it's not good that there are jihadi DVD's hanging around a mosque - but it's definitley good news that local Muslims are taking a stand against this crap from extremists.

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  1. # Blogger Gavin Ayling

    Absolutely right. It's great news and its ammunition for those of us who don't think gross stereotypes work.

    Of course Blair's failed anti-Muslim, oops, anti-terror legislation is an example of this.  

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