Fjordman: A Year Since Van Gogh Was Slain By Muslim

One year ago today film-maker Theo van Gogh, controversial film-maker was stabbed, then shot, and his head nearly decapitated for making a film, called "Submission" in which images of naked women were combined with texts from the Koran. No more. Van Gogh did not call Prophet Mohammed a pedophile (for consummating his marriage with Aisha when she was 9 and he was in his 50s). Van Gogh did not insult the Prophet by calling him a murderer, nor a rapist, even though Mohammed condoned both. tension.

Though most Muslims are peaceful, the founder of their religion murdered and pillaged. Therefore, Islam will always be a source of threat to peaceful secularised societies. If the founder of a religion killed in the name of religion, then "true" followers of that faith have an example to follow. Osama bin Laden is a murderer. He is also a true Muslim. The murder of van Gogh served to remind people in Holland, and throughout the West, that Islam, when "insulted", is no religion of peace.

Spot on Fjordman my friend.

7 Responses to “Fjordman: A Year Since Van Gogh Was Slain By Muslim”

  1. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Another year gone. Muslims still doing the same kind of thing. But nobody admits Islam is not a religion of peace.  

  2. # Blogger Always On Watch

    And Muslims are so easily "insulted."

    A full year since the slaughter of Theo van Gogh. Seems like decades--so much has since happened, and is still happening.  

  3. # Anonymous jamal

    "even though Mohammed condoned both"

    you got some evidence of that?

    Nevertheless, does the act of one detremine the nature of many?  

  4. # Blogger J

    Jamal, are you Muslim? If so, I would have thought you'd know your own books better.

    sura 33:50 states that the prophet was allowed to take slave girls and use them as he pleased.

    the hadeeth also refers to the battle (massacre) of khaibar where the Jewish men were rounded up and beheaded, in some cases tortured, and the women taken as sex slaves.

    here is a link from an Islamic site :

    there are so many more examples, but i don't have all week to list them.

    "Nevertheless, does the act of one detremine the nature of many? "

    when mohamed is a central figure of the religion, it does. His ways are followed, to the letter.  

  5. # Anonymous Sunny

    If you're going to make someone a hero of free speech, then I suggest at least a better figure. I'm gonna try and write about this over the weekend...  

  6. # Anonymous prophetus

    there's a muslim anti israel thing on november 13th at alexandra palace against a jewish land thing. If you know some people who would like to do a counter demonstration, peaceful one. let j know at justify this. peace out.  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    Sunny, a better figure, like who? Theo Van Gogh embodies the modern day 'friction' between free speech in the West and Islamism.  

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