After 1373 Years Muslims Still Can't Take a Joke

Incessant whinging and whining and demands from the infidel Western society - that's what characterises the Muslim community in this country - rightly or wrongly.

Some Bunting Cant liberals are just making it worse for the Muslim community by trying to appease by and large imagined sensitivities.

There is endless self-censorship going on in the media - so as to 'not upset' Muslims. Well we wouldn't want to 'upset' any Muslims - they do take themselves really quite seriously, what with all the suicide bombings etc.

Take this for example. This sounds
Sky Sports has been censured by a media watchdog for resurrecting a character from the larger than life world of American wrestling who had been "killed off" after being accused of inciting anti-Muslim sentiment among fans.

The character, played by an American, Mark Copani, entered the ring wearing an Arab headdress and surrounded by a phalanx of masked men in combat clothes who were described by the commentators as his "sympathisers". There was also use of emotive language, including the words "martyr", "sacrifice" and "infidel" and footage of a previous clash between him and another wrestler was set to music that sounded like the Muslim call to prayer.
Hilarious if you ask me! Well question for Muslims, what do you think about this kind of response?

I take it Sky will also be forced to drop all other stereotypes, i.e. red indian, undertaker, black gangsta in fear of inciting anti-whatever group feelings in the audience?

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  1. # Anonymous sonia

    yes i daresay this is the sort of thing where the mainstream feels it has to offer to 'minorities' - you know - can't step on their 'sensitivities'.

    i guess it also partly explains the skew in the fact that if you're black you can call someone a nigger, if you're pakistani you can call someone a paki or generally if you're a minority group you can cast everything in race/colour terms without being slagged off as a racist.

    nice blog btw - you're not afraid to speak your mind ..:-)  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Sonia,

    You're quite correct, I'm not one to beat about the bush!

    My headlines are partly just to wind up Siddarth & Al-Hack at PP. No, only joking, I'm not that petty... Or am I?!  

  3. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Hey - 'Bunting cant' is my little joke. But it's OK, you can use it. In fact I'd like to see it in common circulation to denote lefty multiculti apologetics.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Ah-ha! I was wondering when you would grace these pages again! I thought you was ignoring me.

    Tribute to old perculier :)  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    I swear I make less typos when I'm drunk... Probably because I'm expecting to get it wrong...  

  6. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    'Less typos' - you mean 'fewer typos'.  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    Damn you OP!

    This makes it clear as mud

    But what they actually mean is this.

    Are you an English teacher by any chance?  

  8. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    The second explanation is much better.

    No, not an English teacher, just a git!  

  9. # Blogger jonz

    I prefer to use the term 'gitoid'.  

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