Thank f**** Scott's back!!

Like I commented on his blog, I tried to express myself about the Independent's articles on Saturday but I just don't have the historical know-how or articulate genius to do so.

I just end up swearing under my breath in WHSmith's.... Ok I did manage to say a few things myself!

He absolutley rips their crappy fanatasoid articles to shreds. Yay!!! Here's him on some stuff I didn't mention. (Well I find it very difficult to spend more than a couple of minutes reading the delusional left wing rag).

"There can be little doubt that the bombs in Bali are linked to issues surrounding the war. It is no coincidence that Australia, whose citizens are likely to be the majority of the victims, is fully committed in Iraq."

We needn't concern ourselves with the fact that similar bombings have been taking place in Indonesia since at least 2000 - this bombing is essentially and indisputably about Iraq. We know this because Australians are "likely to be the majority of the victims".

Confusingly for the innocent reader, the main news story covering the bombing appears to call the editors' assumption into serious question:"Among the injured were 49 Indonesians, 17 Australians ..."

Read the rest, NOW!

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