From Nick Cohen at the Observer; via Drink Soaked Trots for War

Perhaps it is too easy to mock. When confronted with an ideology which mandates indiscriminate killing on an industrial scale, it is natural to seek rational explanations of the irrational; to pretend that Islamism is merely a reasonable, if bloody, response to legitimate concerns which could be remedied if we elected wiser leaders.Yet the masochism - 'Kill us, we deserve it!' - the subliminal dislike of democracy and the willingness to turn al-Qaeda into the armed wing of every fashionable campaign from sustainable tourism to the anti-war movement will in the end disgrace the liberals by making them ridiculous.

Spot on as usual Mr Cohen! Kick those wimpy 'liberals' back into reality.

3 Responses to “Liberals will blame anybody else for atrocities rather than accuse murderous Islamic terrorists”

  1. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Hard to imagine Nick Cohen and David Aaronovich are lefties - they're far too sensible. And is the fact they're Jewish coincidence, when the Left is getting into bed with Islamofascists? I think not.

    David Aaronovich has a brother who was John Lindsay in Corrie years ago and gave Deirdre the runaround. 'Free the Wetherfield One!' was the headline. Politics in those days was about what matters...  

  2. # Blogger jonz

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