Iranian President Shaking In His Boots After Kofi Annan Uses The Word 'Dismayed'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was really scared and shaking in his boots after Kofi Annan said he was 'dismayed' over the Iranian's Presidents speech saying he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. Link.

At least Tony Blair has balls.
Blair expressed "revulsion" at Mr Ahmadinejad's words, which he called "completely and totally unacceptable... Can you imagine a state like that with an attitude like that having a nuclear weapon?" he said.

We will use force, Blair warns Iranians. Link

Tony Blair delivered his strongest warning to Iran last night, saying Teheran would not be allowed to become a "threat to our world security".

He hinted that the West might have to resort to force. The Prime Minister said western allies would meet in the next few days to decide how to react after President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map".

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5 Responses to “Iranian President Shaking In His Boots After Kofi Annan Uses The Word 'Dismayed'”

  1. # Blogger Pastorius

    Blair also warned them that Britain will use force:;jsessionid=NNGVUVKFQZ1VXQFIQMFCM5OAVCBQYJVC?xml=/news/2005/10/28/wiran28.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/10/28/ixportaltop.html  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Cheers ;)  

  3. # Blogger Crazy Politico

    Kofi should have threatened to pass a resolution, and then only give them 18 or 19 more chances, that would have shown them!  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I am in mourning over this! after all we have seen already in the world how can people still even say something like that. what can POSSIBLY make anyone hate that much.  

  5. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    jonz, my latest post is for you. read it if you want.  

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