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What a guy!

If you're in the UK, and out & about take a look at The Independent's front page today. They're delighted to serialise Robert Fisk's interview with Bin Laden. Admittedly this was before 9/11, however what riles me is their absolute delight & enthusiasm for their Icon.

The rest of their front page is dedicated to educating us fools on why Turkey should join the EU.

What about this?

The Turkish government commited genocide - as did Germany - however to this day even debating this issue is illegal ion Turkey. And they won't recognise Cyprus! Hmm really grown up sensible behaviour there from the Turkish authorities.

An article in The Guardian from December 2004 says:

"Most Islamist MPs hold traditional views. Many openly condone forced marriages - including those of victims to their rapists - and only reluctantly agreed to penalise virginity testing in the new code."

There has been a lot of progress on the methods of torture being used," said Turkcan Baykal, a clinical psychologist who works at the Human Rights Association in the western city of Izmir.

"The aim now is not to leave any physical marks on a person's body but to harm them psychologically; trauma that lasts for years. We get people in here every week but they are just the tip of the iceberg."

One human rights group said it often felt compelled to "sweeten" its reports so Turkey would stand a chance of being admitted to the EU.

Europeans should in now way lower standards so that Turkey can join the EU. Turkey has a long way to go.

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  1. # Blogger J

    was watching the beeb b4, when a conservative politician said that he didnt want turkey as part of europe, the lefty politician accused him of? you guessed it, racism.

    This was his logic, 'if i was a turk and grew up in the uk, i would be european, so therefore all turkey should be part of europe'.

    By that f***ing logic nigeria should be part of europe too. what a muppet.  

  2. # Blogger Admin

    To be fair, Jack Straw is in favour of forced marriages too. At least that's what the Home Office website when he was there...  

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