Can't.... hold...back ... any longer..

And this this little piggie is inciting terrorists to murder! (Or so are suicidal Multicultural-PC obsessed friends tell us!)

I'm forced to mention the Piglet incident at Dudley Council. I didn't want to since it seems the blogosphere has almost exhausted this one already. I've already covered the Allah ice cream incident.

So all pig related items are banned, including Tissues featuring Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I'll assume you haven't been living in cave for the past 5 years and spare you the reason given.

Well at least Mark Steyn is once again 100% on the mark. Read the rest - it's gold dust. Hat tip (The Daily Ablution)

When every act that a culture makes communicates weakness and loss of self-belief, eventually you'll be taken at your word. In the long term, these trivial concessions are more significant victories than blowing up infidels on the Tube or in Bali beach restaurants. An act of murder demands at least the pretence of moral seriousness, even from the dopiest appeasers. But small acts of cultural vandalism corrode the fabric of freedom all but unseen.

At this point I normally want to scream, fucking liberal do-gooders doing the world in!! Except Dudley council is Tory controlled.

WTF is going on?

5 Responses to “Can't.... hold...back ... any longer..”

  1. # Blogger TRES CEE

    too many wild card characters *'s in fuck, amen,
    i am wierd by the way, i am commenting on your blog but for some reason i feel comfortable here, amen, and i love piglet, winnie the pooh, tigger too, especially after a dream and a visit to a doctors office, true it of course, is, and i saw a certain pretty face in behind desk in action with a kind, aware and pretty smile for me as i lusted in search forr a pretty girl i wanted to fuck and had hammer practically in hand and was a man in waiting, ga-ga and with out cool, hopeaing for her visagio en my faccia amen,

    desires haven't changed only vicinity and opportunity to see the ravishing beauty, with my brown eyes, looking at blue eyed blonde corinne, wanting her and to see her is like the sweetest water on the hottest day in a desert when without water unto udder thirst, i reach for or she puts a water bag teat in my mouth and slakes my udder most thirst for her arms and legs and 24 hour hug amen.  

  2. # Blogger J

    jonz, be careful, posting that pic might cause a jihad :)  

  3. # Blogger Admin

    I like women to feel that they can show their faces in public. Offensive? I like a woman to be able to choose her love and love her choice. Offensive? I like to have a picture of a pig on my desk. Offensive? I like to go about my life without treading carefully around someone's religion. Offensive? I like to believe in no God, and by association, not Allah. Offensive?

    If any of that is offensive to anyone, it should be non-Muslims who shouldn't even have to wonder about it. Freedom applies to all and I MUST be free to do what I damn well please so long as it does not HURT anyone else. An irrational hatred of one of Allah's creatures is not reason enough to restrict my freedom thank you very much.  

  4. # Blogger Gavin Ayling

    I've since learnt more about this: click here  

  5. # Anonymous Gustavo Planty

    Very interesting.  

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