Bush Killed 20,000 in Asia Earthquake

ASIA --- George Bush caused a devastating earthquake in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India that killed over 20,000 people. Through a combination of global warming, a Karl Rove leak, and a multi-billion dollar Haliburton contract, Bush managed to divert attention from other issues and destroy the lives of over 20,000 innocent people.

"We can't allow this man to continue killing people using natural disasters," said Ted Kennedy. "He's diverting attention away from domestic failures and Supreme Court nominations by killing thousands of non-Caucasians across the world. I just fail to understand how someone so dumb is capable of executing such complex schemes to destroy the world."

via Jerhad!com - "One man's jihad against liberalism"

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2 Responses to “Bush Killed 20,000 in Asia Earthquake”

  1. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    now that you have exposed us to the world our secret service will be coming for you. How did you find out bush was dumb?  

  2. # Blogger J

    i found out when i turned the volume up on my tv  

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