British Military in Basra Scared of Breaking Egg Shells?

From a rather disturbing piece from the BBC, Shia Militants gain strength in Basra

Local people say three female students at Basra University have been killed for failing to cover themselves in the black abaya and hijab.

He went on: "The miserable thing is that the British forces were just watching all this. They let the militia destroy the rule of law here."

Inside the heavily fortified British embassy in Basra, diplomats had gathered a small group of Western-leaning, reform minded, middle class Iraqis.

These were Britain's friends in Basra but they could hardly contain their bitterness.

"The British Army handed the city to the Islamist groups as a gift," one human rights campaigner said.

"People are even saying bring the Americans here. Some people actually want the Americans instead."

WTF is going? British forces should be kicking these fascist backsides. Fucking animals murdering innocent women for showing their faces in public. And the British response, to do fuck all. Come on - for fucksake - take out these Islamic terrorists with all your might.

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  1. # Blogger jonz

    Jeez I did get worked up last night didn't I? Thats 4 x fuck's including the WTF.  

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