Al-Jazeera in Pro-Terrorism Shocker!

Wow - this is a real shock to the system! /sarcasm Link

Al-Jazeera, the Arab news service growing by leaps and bounds worldwide and spreading its reach into the western world, has a new name for suicide bombings – "Paradise Operations." An accredited Arabic-language translator spied the new phrase in the current issue of the Arabic-language news site.

In a story about the Russian foreign minister criticizing the Palestinian Authority for failing to combat terrorist movements, a paragraph reads: "Ariel Sharon ordered the defense minister Shaul Mofaz previously to undertake wide attacks on the movement of the Islamic Jihad, whose military wing yesterday undertook (||am-ma-li-a al cha-deer-ra) operations of paradise, which killed five Israelis and injured tens of Israelis – or whoever was standing around."

Fucking wanker bastards glorifing this. Hat tip: Crazy Politico

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