Islamic Militants Claim Responsibility for Delhi Terrorism

Anyone suprised? Reuters

On Sunday, the Islami Inqilabi Mahaz (Islamic Revolutionary Group), telephoned local newspapers in Indian Kashmir to claim responsibility for the blasts and warned of more to come.

"This is a Pakistani group and is a front organisation of Lashkar," said Ajai Sahni of New Delhi's Institute for Conflict Management.

What on earth is their fucking problem? They're fucking lunatics - that's there problem. And lunatics who utilitise religious texts (out of context?) for their insane justifications are all the more fearless and ruthless.

Noble Qu'ran Chapter 4 verse 89:

They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah's way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.

Al-Jazeera in Pro-Terrorism Shocker!

Wow - this is a real shock to the system! /sarcasm Link

Al-Jazeera, the Arab news service growing by leaps and bounds worldwide and spreading its reach into the western world, has a new name for suicide bombings – "Paradise Operations." An accredited Arabic-language translator spied the new phrase in the current issue of the Arabic-language news site.

In a story about the Russian foreign minister criticizing the Palestinian Authority for failing to combat terrorist movements, a paragraph reads: "Ariel Sharon ordered the defense minister Shaul Mofaz previously to undertake wide attacks on the movement of the Islamic Jihad, whose military wing yesterday undertook (||am-ma-li-a al cha-deer-ra) operations of paradise, which killed five Israelis and injured tens of Israelis – or whoever was standing around."

Fucking wanker bastards glorifing this. Hat tip: Crazy Politico

Bit of good news at least from all the bad stuff:

Casualties were averted in a bus in the Okhla area of south Delhi due to the alertness of passengers and the driver and the conductor who threw out the bag containing the explosives before it exploded
. Link

The driver and the conductor carried the bag outside the bus and threw it away which exploded immediately on landing.

A very big well done to the bus driver, the conductor and the alert passengers. ;)

Three powerful bombs tore through New Delhi markets packed with families and shoppers on Saturday killing more than 65 people and wounding scores. More here

Charred bodies, blood, glass and smoking debris littered the scenes as rescuers frantically pulled out the dead and injured while thousand of shocked survivors milled around trying to find out what had happened to missing relatives.

The people who did this, are they are of the same species as me? Are the perpetrators homo-sapien, of the human species?

More pictures here, warning: some are very shocking.

Update: Why Delhi 10/29 should react like London 7/7 here

Update 2: Nadeem on the BBC Comments page points out that many Muslims would have be at home at the time of the blasts.

It may be worth noting that the time when these blasts happened roughly coincides with sunset in Delhi, the time for Muslims to break their Ramadan fast. So, if these were Muslim terrorists, they may have calculated that they will miss conservative Muslims who would be at home to break their fasts instead of shopping in the markets.
Nadeem Jamali, Saskatoon, Canada

Pickled Politics the Chief suspects, at this stage, would seem to be the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiyaba group, responsible for the 2001 Parliament attack and the Ram Temple assault in Ayodhya

Iranian President Shaking In His Boots After Kofi Annan Uses The Word 'Dismayed'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was really scared and shaking in his boots after Kofi Annan said he was 'dismayed' over the Iranian's Presidents speech saying he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. Link.

At least Tony Blair has balls.
Blair expressed "revulsion" at Mr Ahmadinejad's words, which he called "completely and totally unacceptable... Can you imagine a state like that with an attitude like that having a nuclear weapon?" he said.

We will use force, Blair warns Iranians. Link

Tony Blair delivered his strongest warning to Iran last night, saying Teheran would not be allowed to become a "threat to our world security".

He hinted that the West might have to resort to force. The Prime Minister said western allies would meet in the next few days to decide how to react after President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map".

Hat tip: Pastorius!

Cowardly Murderers

Five human beings have been massacred in the name of Islam, and in the name of the Palestinians. Right now the Palestinians will be celebrating another holy Martyr. Whilst some other poor bastards just lost their niece/mother/brother.

Islamic Jihad carried out their attack not on Israeli Members of Parliament, not on military or even police targets. No, fucking cowards murder innocent Israelis going about their normal day to day business.

Note to 'the left': This the legacy you are supporting. Terrorism. Against the people Hitler tried to emlinate.

And more peace & tolerance from Iran - The President of Iran calls for Israels annhilation. Presumably with all the Jews still in it....

The War in Iraq: Annoying Sayings

Most annoying assertion by looney left wingers: "Most of the country was against the war in Iraq"


1. Because it's piffle. The UK was split about 50/50 most of the time.
2. Because George Galloway asserts this lie all the time.

Poll 1

Poll 2

Poll 3

I mean let's face facts here, it all depend's who's doing the poll. No surprise the Guardian & The Mirror has poll's supporting their anti-war stance.

GEORGE GALLOWAY faces possible criminal charges after a US Senate investigation tracked $150,000 (£85,000) in Iraqi oil money to his wife’s bank account in Jordan.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will refer the Respect Party MP for possible prosecution after concluding that he gave “false and misleading” testimony at his appearance before the panel in May.

The sub-committee claimed that, through intermediaries, Mr Galloway and the Mariam Appeal were granted eight allocations of Iraqi crude oil totalling 23 million barrels from 1999 to 2003.

BBC News here, The Times here

UPDATE: Check out Harry's tune 'Coolio, featuring George Galloway, Senator Norm Coleman and special guests' Over A Barrel

Race Riots in Birmingham - 2 Reported Dead

One man was stabbed to death at a take­away food outlet in the Lozells area of the city. Unconfirmed reports said another man also died when a minicab was set alight.

According to The Telegraph. The problem started when an alleged rape of a 14 year old west indian girl by 18 'asians'. The term asian is so vague it's almost useless. Anyway 2 are dead. A couple of hundred black youths started to riot outside a community meeting about the alleged incident. The Police are caught in the middle - no victim has come forward, this being due to the fact the alleged vicitim is an illegal immigrant.

Ligali - a black advocacy group akin to The Black Panthers - has a lot to answer for - whipping up racial tensions. Check out their forum.

Quote from a commentor:

"To any Asians. This is a warning. If I find out this is to be true then tell all your ‘spars’ in London working in the same chain to be ready for a little q+a visit. I done with talk and no action. "

Their topics and comments are pretty vile in general. Check out the vile comments about white women etc aswell.

Update: Sky News channel say there have been 3 stabbings and a shooting.

Muslims haven't rioted and nobody has died!

OK, I'm talking bollocks again. This nun was stabbed by a young Muslim. Three people are dead. Why? Because of a DVD critical of Islam.

Note to Coptic Christians in Egypt: You don't need no DVD to show the dangers of extremism in Islam. The fanatical adherents of Mohammedism show themsleves to be pre-civilisation savages once again. More here.

My life's mission is complete! At last I have located that song I wanted to hear! There's a an old science fiction film called Soylent Green, which for it's time, in my opinion was brilliant.

In an overpopulated futuristic Earth, a New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff.

In particular the death scene, where a woman is put to death amongst a back drop of rolling green countryside and this symphony music that has stuck in my head since I was a kid. For me one of the most moving film moments I can remember... Its described as Symphony Music (Tchaikovsky/Beethoven/Grieg, cond. Gerald Fried). If you're completely impatient hedonist like me then fast forward to 3m 40 seconds.

Turkish Values are Just The Same as European's! No Different, Racist Fool!

Well apart from the fact that 40% back 'honour killings'. Slightly worrying, since they are vying to join the European Union, no?

It questioned 430 people, most of them men. When asked the appropriate punishment for a woman who has committed adultery, 37% replied she should be killed.

Twenty-five percent said that she deserved divorce, and 21% that her nose or ears should be cut off.

37% of Turkish males are sick fucking fucks. Turkey in the EU? No fucking way! With relatively common place value systems as pre-civilised as this?? Are you mad? ...Via the red hot LGF.

Cyslist woman arrested under Terrorism act!

She was arrested under the Terrorism Act for walking along a cycle path in the harbour area of Dundee

WITH her year-round tan, long blonde hair and designer clothes, Sally Cameron does not look like a threat to national security.

But the 34-year-old property developer has joined the ranks of Britain’s most unlikely terrorist suspects after being held for hours for trespassing on a cycle path.

Ms Cameron was being hailed yesterday as Scotland’s answer to Walter Wolfgang, the 82-year-old heckler manhandled out of the Labour Party conference last month.

Well so far I've been pretty much on the side of the Government when it comes to introducing tough new legislation... But this just takes the piss!

Peace & Love in Tehran!

OK not quite, but the Iranian authorities shot a man for recklessly eating during Ramadan and playing loud music on his stereo. Read here

'Friends Reunited'

What is the bloody point? I've had enough of it. I mean its nice to know the majority are doing well for themselves, some are married, some have kids, some have interesting jobs....

But what about the rest? Well it's perversley comforting to know that a leopard can never change his spots. I have changed drastically over the years- but my innate character has never changed. For example, when I was a teenager I never stole anything, and never really have (ok apart from Mini Cheddars from Woolworths that one time).

But one of my ex-friends has taken it upon himself devote his whole profile to abusing me! I'm quite flattered in a strange way. He says all sorts of childish things including calling me gay and that my mum looks like a dyke! He's supposed to be 25. Jesus H Christ, there's no hope for some people is there.

Anyway I'll stop whinging. You might have seen this one already, but here you go.

I mean what is the bloody point?!

[Basil is just trying to fix a stuffed head of a moose on the wall when the telephone rings. It is Sybil.]
Basil: Yes, Fawlty Towers, yes, hello? ... I was just doing it, you stupid woman. I just put it down to come here to be reminded by you to do what I'm already doing! I mean what's the point of reminding me to do what I'm already doing. I mean what is the bloody point?! I'm doing it, aren't I!?

[Lord Melbury has entered the reception lobby. While he is filling out a form the telephone rings.]
Basil: Hello? - Ah, yes, Mr O'Reilly, well it's perfectly simple. When I asked you to build me a wall I was rather hoping that instead of just dumping the bricks in a pile you might have found time to cement them together ... you know, one on top of another, in the traditional fashion.

...More here

Lets Invade Iran

I'm bored, let's invade Iran. Anyone got any F16's I can borrow?

Are they nuts? Well yes they are .. but they're accusing British forces of planting the bombs!! How many non-muslim terrorist forces are there anyway? Not many. I say let's invade. If Blair won't, I will! Depose these mental mullahs who sentence women to be stoned to death in the year 2005, and hang people for the crime of being a gay. Let alone their barbaric practice of chopping of feet & hands on opposing sides of the body. In Iran, an eye for an eye, really does mean that. This is pre-civilisation savagery and should not be tolerated by Human Kind.

Update: More joy from Iran - via JustifyThis

"Tehran: An Iranian woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, local media reported on Saturday."

No this isn't a clever mordern day reporting of events of the Roman times, silly billy! - this is 17th October 2000 and fucking 5!

British Military in Basra Scared of Breaking Egg Shells?

From a rather disturbing piece from the BBC, Shia Militants gain strength in Basra

Local people say three female students at Basra University have been killed for failing to cover themselves in the black abaya and hijab.

He went on: "The miserable thing is that the British forces were just watching all this. They let the militia destroy the rule of law here."

Inside the heavily fortified British embassy in Basra, diplomats had gathered a small group of Western-leaning, reform minded, middle class Iraqis.

These were Britain's friends in Basra but they could hardly contain their bitterness.

"The British Army handed the city to the Islamist groups as a gift," one human rights campaigner said.

"People are even saying bring the Americans here. Some people actually want the Americans instead."

WTF is going? British forces should be kicking these fascist backsides. Fucking animals murdering innocent women for showing their faces in public. And the British response, to do fuck all. Come on - for fucksake - take out these Islamic terrorists with all your might.

Three points Sandmonkey notes widespread consumption of alcohol would bring to his nation


I agree wholeheartedly, and not on a whimsicality.

"And we finally come to the biggest reason why the Egyptian people need more alcohol in their lives: it gives people the ability to do and say shit that would get them in trouble with clear abandon. The Egyptian people have long allowed themselves to be oppressed out of their own fear and inaction, something being drunk will help eliminate; after all, they don’t call it liquid courage for no reason."

"So in conclusion, and citing all of the previous benefits I mentioned, I propose that not only should Alcohol stay legal, it should be supplied to every home. A little Vodka Faucet right next to the water one would be a superb way to do it. It would make people happier, more honest and active participants in our budding democracy. Sure, they may all end up in muslim hell, but they would probably be too drunk to care or remember."

OK I'm talking bollocks - they're stark raving MAD. Via the excellent IndyMediaWatch

Enough suspicious accidental deaths and so-called suicides abound. The aggressive funding of electro-magnetic/microwave/scalar weapons indicates that their use will not be limited to just terrerists - but are already being used to cattle-prod the masses and perpetrate evidence-less assassinations of dissidents who have become problematic. Microwave & SCALAR Weapons are NOW being implemented. This means that the Black Ops/U.S. Gestapo CAN and ARE -- FROM A DISTANT LOCATION

Those sneaky Neo Cons/Zionists controlling the world though covert assasinations of ordinary people!

More on IndyMediaWatch over at Drunks for War

Bush Killed 20,000 in Asia Earthquake

ASIA --- George Bush caused a devastating earthquake in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India that killed over 20,000 people. Through a combination of global warming, a Karl Rove leak, and a multi-billion dollar Haliburton contract, Bush managed to divert attention from other issues and destroy the lives of over 20,000 innocent people.

"We can't allow this man to continue killing people using natural disasters," said Ted Kennedy. "He's diverting attention away from domestic failures and Supreme Court nominations by killing thousands of non-Caucasians across the world. I just fail to understand how someone so dumb is capable of executing such complex schemes to destroy the world."

via Jerhad!com - "One man's jihad against liberalism"

Update: Please if your drunk or just need to; give a donation or of course if you have a consciouns (sp?!)

From Nick Cohen at the Observer; via Drink Soaked Trots for War

Perhaps it is too easy to mock. When confronted with an ideology which mandates indiscriminate killing on an industrial scale, it is natural to seek rational explanations of the irrational; to pretend that Islamism is merely a reasonable, if bloody, response to legitimate concerns which could be remedied if we elected wiser leaders.Yet the masochism - 'Kill us, we deserve it!' - the subliminal dislike of democracy and the willingness to turn al-Qaeda into the armed wing of every fashionable campaign from sustainable tourism to the anti-war movement will in the end disgrace the liberals by making them ridiculous.

Spot on as usual Mr Cohen! Kick those wimpy 'liberals' back into reality.

Stop that Dancing! And kill that Gay!

Those fluffy bunnies over at Hamas; Mahmoud Zahar, the most senior leader of Hamas in Gaza says in this article.

It's just another red flag pointing to the insanity of Shari'a (Koranic Laws), IMO.

David Frost joins al-Jazeera TV!

No shit! Honest! "And on Today's program we will be discussing, if you will, what is the most effective way to cut one's captive's head clean off?"

This is surreal. For non-UK reader's he's one of the UK's" most distinguished Political Interviewers". Only recently an al-Jazeera journalist has been convicted of terrorist offences.

Al-Jazeera has reputation for showing gruesome terror videos and is the first point of contact for any Islamic Terrorist that has a grisly video they want the world to see. Nice!

Oh D-d-d-dear!

From the Fox & Corkum via Egyptian Sandmonkey

For those thinking WTF is this about, this should clear it up.

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Calm returned to the Gaza Strip after deadly internecine clashes and police protests over dire insecurity problems, as Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian mother of five in the West Bank.

Via JustifyThis!

Maybe it's not just The Guardian that employs Islamic Extremists to spout such pro-Hamas spin.

So after 90% of casual readers skip the headlines and initial paragraphs does the truth begin to emerge;

Haifa Hindiya, a 36-year-old married woman, was killed after she slashed the female officer in the face with a knife near the town of Nablus.

"During an attempt to control the Palestinian ... thinking she might stab someone else, the force opened fire at the lower part of her body. The Palestinian woman was wounded," she said.

Grow up, Turkey

No word of a lie, I was sitting back in bed reading Louis de Bernières Birds without Wings, about Turkey, about Kemal Mestafa, about Christians, about Muslims, about the Ottoman Empire, and tragically about the Armenians. Then I had an epiphany; I needed to refill my wine glass.

Upon refilling said wine glass, I got a 'breaking news feed' from the Telegraph. None other than the man himself;

Sir - It should be pointed out that Turkey still has repressive laws which make it incompatible with the European Union (letter, October 5). For example, it is against the law in Turkey to publish anything that might be construed as critical of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

My own book, Birds Without Wings, had to be tinkered with by my Turkish publishers. I don't blame them for being sensible, because it was their heads that would have been on the block. The irony is that Ataturk himself, who was desperate to westernise the country, would have been completely contemptuous of this law.

Because of this law, it is impossible to have a proper historical discussion about Ataturk. As Orhan Pamuk has found out, it is also impossible to have a proper discussion about almost everything, because there is another law against saying anything that might be taken as denigratory to the Turkish state.

Pamuk, who is probably Turkey's greatest writer and best ambassador, faces a prison sentence for mentioning the Kurdish and Armenian issues. Every other country has had to take on the difficult task of facing up to its past - this is part of the process of becoming mature. It is high time that Turkey grew up in the same way and stopped making itself look backward and ridiculous.

Louis de Bernières, Harleston, Norfolk

And this is from the man with singing praises from The Independent no less!

English Flag is Offensive to Muslims

Be careful with that flag!! You might start a jihad!
St. Georges flag is offensive to Muslims, via LGF

"Chris Doyle, director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, said Tuesday the red cross was an insensitive reminder of the Crusades."

Doyle added that it was now time for England to find a new flag and a patron saint who is "not associated with our bloody past and one we can all identify with."

I wonder if any Muslims are considering changing the Crescent symbol of Islam, taking into account its association with terrorism, to perhaps a less insensitive purple blob perhaps?

Ramadam 'Hideously Muslim'

By Norman Johnson of the Guardian.

"As Bush says "Ramadan Mubarak", I say Ramadan should be replaced with something more inclusive. Alcohol should be allowed since banning it is offensive to those who drink, and plenty of food should be supplied so as to be sensitive to non-muslims."

Hat tip: IceDragon ;)

Can't.... hold...back ... any longer..

And this this little piggie is inciting terrorists to murder! (Or so are suicidal Multicultural-PC obsessed friends tell us!)

I'm forced to mention the Piglet incident at Dudley Council. I didn't want to since it seems the blogosphere has almost exhausted this one already. I've already covered the Allah ice cream incident.

So all pig related items are banned, including Tissues featuring Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I'll assume you haven't been living in cave for the past 5 years and spare you the reason given.

Well at least Mark Steyn is once again 100% on the mark. Read the rest - it's gold dust. Hat tip (The Daily Ablution)

When every act that a culture makes communicates weakness and loss of self-belief, eventually you'll be taken at your word. In the long term, these trivial concessions are more significant victories than blowing up infidels on the Tube or in Bali beach restaurants. An act of murder demands at least the pretence of moral seriousness, even from the dopiest appeasers. But small acts of cultural vandalism corrode the fabric of freedom all but unseen.

At this point I normally want to scream, fucking liberal do-gooders doing the world in!! Except Dudley council is Tory controlled.

WTF is going on?

Thank f**** Scott's back!!

Like I commented on his blog, I tried to express myself about the Independent's articles on Saturday but I just don't have the historical know-how or articulate genius to do so.

I just end up swearing under my breath in WHSmith's.... Ok I did manage to say a few things myself!

He absolutley rips their crappy fanatasoid articles to shreds. Yay!!! Here's him on some stuff I didn't mention. (Well I find it very difficult to spend more than a couple of minutes reading the delusional left wing rag).

"There can be little doubt that the bombs in Bali are linked to issues surrounding the war. It is no coincidence that Australia, whose citizens are likely to be the majority of the victims, is fully committed in Iraq."

We needn't concern ourselves with the fact that similar bombings have been taking place in Indonesia since at least 2000 - this bombing is essentially and indisputably about Iraq. We know this because Australians are "likely to be the majority of the victims".

Confusingly for the innocent reader, the main news story covering the bombing appears to call the editors' assumption into serious question:"Among the injured were 49 Indonesians, 17 Australians ..."

Read the rest, NOW!

On a lighter note: Queen revokes US independence

"In an astonishing statement broadcast live on BBC News 24 today, Her Divine Majestiness Queen Liz II, announced to a stunned world that she had dissolved the British parliament, sacked Tony Bliar, exiled Charles and Camilla to the Falkland Islands and revoked US independence."

..."The letter 'U' will be also be reinstated in words such as 'favour' and 'neighbour.' Skipping the letter 'U' is nothing more than bone idleness on your part and will no longer be tolerated. Equally, you will learn to spell 'doughnut' without skipping half the letters."...

No offense to our US of A readers but this article is just hilarious :) It's so funny I'm even prepeared to turn a blind eye to the slightly left wing slant! Very Monty Python, although the original was mistakenly claimed to be by John Cleese. See credits at the end.

Shocking photo's
of 'Peace Protestors' advocating acts of terrorism. And you call yourself 'left wing'? Scum is think is a more appropriate label for these terrorist sypmathisers.

Over in the US of A, 'Zombie' has caused major embarassment to a major newspaper by picking up on the way images are manipulated in the media, often to support a loony left wing agenda.

Read Zombies excellent 'citizen journalism', Anatomy of a Photograph.

Bali Bombings (Part II)

At the moment

Al-Aqaeda is already the prime suspect. The Infidels must have been wearing pro-Israel T-shirts. Or maybe not.

19.34: 22 people reported dead.

Drukenblogger Seething

What a guy!

If you're in the UK, and out & about take a look at The Independent's front page today. They're delighted to serialise Robert Fisk's interview with Bin Laden. Admittedly this was before 9/11, however what riles me is their absolute delight & enthusiasm for their Icon.

The rest of their front page is dedicated to educating us fools on why Turkey should join the EU.

What about this?

The Turkish government commited genocide - as did Germany - however to this day even debating this issue is illegal ion Turkey. And they won't recognise Cyprus! Hmm really grown up sensible behaviour there from the Turkish authorities.

An article in The Guardian from December 2004 says:

"Most Islamist MPs hold traditional views. Many openly condone forced marriages - including those of victims to their rapists - and only reluctantly agreed to penalise virginity testing in the new code."

There has been a lot of progress on the methods of torture being used," said Turkcan Baykal, a clinical psychologist who works at the Human Rights Association in the western city of Izmir.

"The aim now is not to leave any physical marks on a person's body but to harm them psychologically; trauma that lasts for years. We get people in here every week but they are just the tip of the iceberg."

One human rights group said it often felt compelled to "sweeten" its reports so Turkey would stand a chance of being admitted to the EU.

Europeans should in now way lower standards so that Turkey can join the EU. Turkey has a long way to go.

Charles Krauthammer writes from Quad-City times:

"A large number of Americans feel deep unease about the war in Iraq, and want nothing more than to pull out. But the antiwar movement is singularly disserved by its leadership, such as it is. Its de facto leader is Cindy Sheehan, who catapulted herself into that role by brilliantly exploiting the media’s hunger for political news during the August recess, and by wrapping herself in the courage of her son Casey, who died in Iraq.

Her loss and grief deserve sympathy and respect. However, Sheehan believes that it entitles her to special standing in opposing a war in which her son served, about which he (as far as we know) expressed no misgivings, and for which he indeed re-enlisted.

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times claims that Sheehan’s “moral authority” on the war is “absolute.” This is obtuse. Sheehan’s diatribes against George Bush — “lying bastard;” “filth-spewer and warmonger;” “biggest terrorist in the world” — have no more moral standing than Joseph Kennedy’s vilification of Franklin Roosevelt. If Sheehan speaks with absolute moral authority, then so does Diane Ibbotson and the other mothers who have lost sons in Iraq yet continue to support the mission their sons died for and bitterly oppose Sheehan for discrediting it.

The antiwar movement has found itself ill-served by endowing absolute moral authority on a political radical who demanded that American troops leave not just Iraq but “occupied New Orleans.” Who blames Israel for her son’s death. Who complained that the news media went “100 percent Rita” — “a little wind and a little rain” — rather than covering other things in the world.

Most tellingly, Sheehan demands withdrawal not just from Iraq, but from Afghanistan, a war not only just by every possible measure, but also remarkably successful. The mainstream opposition view of Iraq is that, while deposing the murderous Saddam was a moral and even worthy cause, the enterprise was misconceived and/or bungled, too ambitious and unwinnable, and therefore not worth expending more American lives. That is not Sheehan’s view. Like the hard left in the Vietnam War, she declares the mission itself corrupt and evil.

You don’t build a mass movement on that. Nor on antiwar rallies, like the one last week in Washington, organized and run by a front group for the Workers World Party. The WWP is descended from Cold War Stalinists who found other communists insufficiently rigorous for refusing to support the Soviet invasion of Hungary. Thus a rally ostensibly against war is run by a group that supported the Soviet invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan; the massacre in Tiananmen Square; and a litany of the very worst mass murderers of our time, including Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il. You don’t seize the moral high ground in America with fellow travelers like these.

For all the Vietnam nostalgia at the Washington march, things are different today. In Vietnam it could never be plausibly argued that Ho Chi Minh was training commandos to bring down skyscrapers in New York City.

Moreover, Vietnam offered a middle way between immediate withdrawal on the one hand and staying the course on the other: negotiations. Today there is no one to negotiate with, no middle ground, no even apparent plausible compromise. The only choices are to succeed in establishing a self-sufficient, democratic Iraq or to call an abject retreat that not only gives Iraq over to the tender mercies of people who specialize in blowing up innocents, but makes it a base of operations for worldwide jihad.

The fact that Sheehan and her WWP comrades are so enthusiastic for the latter outcome tells you how difficult it will be to turn widespread discontent about the war into a mainstream antiwar movement."

Excellenté. Well said mate ;)

A total of 34 people have been killed during raids on a refugee camp and nearby villages in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

The UN says as many as 300 Arab horsemen were involved in the killings.

The raiders also stole cattle and burned down shelters housing up to 5,000 displaced people.

Our Islamists / loony lefty friends always talk about the 'ongoing Genocide' in Palestine, Kashmir Chechnya etc. Never ever mentioning the actual genocide perpetrated by Arab militias in Darfur.

Though to be fair its not just the Islamists / loony lefties that are ignoring it. (Though you'd think the lefties with their supposed moral high ground would have more sense). The whole of the world has turned their back on it. Spinelss bastards. I wonder if todays governments / United Nations are preparing their apology for their inaction, to be addressed in 10 years time - just like that did with Rwanda. "Never again!" . Bollocks.

If you don't know much about Rwanda then watch this. It'll make grown men cry.

Studio sees no humor in 'Muslim'

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Comedian Albert Brooks says a very unfunny thing happened on his way to making a new film called "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" -- the studio panicked over the title. Link

Brooks says the studio -- Sony -- got so worried the comedy's title, with its use of the word Muslim, might bring reprisals that it decided not to release the picture. That forced the comedian to find a new distributor for a movie that pokes fun at American ignorance of the Muslim world.

"Fear is playing a major part in Hollywood production," Brooks said in an interview, adding he started getting bad vibes when the studio "jokingly" asked him if the movie could be called "Looking for Comedy."

He said the suggestion came after Newsweek triggered a storm in May by publishing a short item that a Koran was flushed down a toilet by guards at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The magazine later retracted the article, saying it could not substantiate the report.

Sony said doubts about the title were only part of much larger problems. Sources close to the company said executives did not find the movie funny and passed on it.

Sony, which is owned by Sony Corp., said in a statement, "To those looking for truth in this manufactured controversy, here it is: We made our decision to pass on Brooks' movie the same way we did to accept 'Fahrenheit 9/11' -- on the merits, with neither fear nor favor."

Brooks is an old hand at making sweetly satiric comedies like "The Muse," "Modern Romance" and "Lost in America" that poke fun at himself, his anxieties and the narcissistic show-business world he inhabits.

In "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World," he plays a comedian sent by the State Department to India and Pakistan with a couple of minders to find out what makes Muslims laugh, so everyone can get along better in the post-9/11 world.

[Humilation of the Infidels?!]

He says he got the idea before U.S. President George W. Bush appointed close adviser Karen Hughes to be undersecretary of state for public diplomacy charged with countering the negative U.S. image among Muslims.

Brooks says most of the jokes in the movie are aimed at Americans and there are no religious references at all, even though he was allowed to film in a mosque in India.

"I steered clear of religion in this movie. There's no mention of the Koran -- the whole point of the movie is looking for comedy, not looking for God. I was allowed to film in the biggest mosque in India and when I told the imam the plot of the movie he started to laugh."

Brooks added studio executives at Sony were not as supportive as the imam. "One told me that if a mullah in Iran saw a poster for the movie and took it the wrong way, I could be in deep trouble. I told him that I have trouble getting posters put up for my movies in Sherman Oaks," a Los Angeles suburb.

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