Israelis Murder Palestinians!

"The local leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Samer Saadi, was reportedly shot dead in Jenin."

"The other two men, both members of the Islamic Jihad, were killed in an exchange of fire in the town of Birqin."

Only only on clicking the link does the bbc go so far as to describe them as Militants rather than just Palestinians. (which could be small children picking strawberries).

3 Responses to “Israelis Murder Palestinians!”

  1. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Remember the staged murder of little Mohammed Al-Dura by those evil Israelis? The Times (yesterday) still buys into this crap:,,251-1801179,00.html

    Makes me sick - this incident was as fake as the Jenin 'massacre'.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Indeed. MSM gobble it up. Yum Yum.  

  3. # Blogger J

    u think thats bad, 2 days ago itv did a '50' moments that shocked the world. The al dura fraud was about number 25. It was madness.

    (btw, i've just posted some pictures of strawberry picking, daisy chain making pally kids on my site if you wanna have a look. so peaceful ;)  

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