The Guardian spoofing Harry's Place Blog?

Well intially Gene was taken in by, it and shortly they cottoned on that it was a spoof article. Me? Well I thought it was a bloody good article, in which I agree, 100%! Which is bizzare, if those clever folks over there are right, which i'm sure they are that's its a made up article by a made up journalist.

"if you were a senior voice on the left, you were in favour of defeating a fascistic dictatorship, not on the side of the murderous, leering tyrant and his slobbering death squads. If there's one thing I've learned in the past three years, it's this: the left hasn't just lost its way in this country, it's now so bereft of any sense of direction that it's gone blundering off after George Galloway, down the corpse-stinking ditch that ends in tyranny."


It's a real credit to HP though, well done boys & girls.

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