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Drunken Blogging

I have searched the internet in vain for a drunken blog. There is none. This is the first. I take credit for my part in the downfall of MSN Chat UK. In '97 I started visiting various chatrooms, and whence I swore, I was immediately banned or kicked from the room. I saw this as an infringement on what the internet is all about. I started something called 'The Abuse Room' whereby you could swear as much as you liked. Perhaps needless to say this caught on, and just before the closure of MSN UK Chat there were upto 15 'Abuse Room' chats.

7 Responses to “Drunken Blogging”

  1. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Hope it's not Old Peculier you've been drinking too much of.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Lol... Damn, how thick am I? Never quite clicked what your moniker was about at HP.  

  3. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Hey, you're not the thick one at hp. Most of the dickheads don't click what Islam is about. Better a good beer than a bad religion, eh?  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Agreed. When you getting you're own blog OP? You need one.  

  5. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Soon I hope. Is it tricky? I'm not all that technical.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    Not technical at all really. Just do it! Go to blogspot.com they're very easy to use. If Sonic can do his own blog, anybody can.  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    If you need a hand with setting one up, give me a shout.  

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