British Army rescue SAS from Militia-rule in Basra

After a fight broke out between undercover SAS & 'Iraqi Police', two undercover SAS men were seized.

SAS were told many insurgents were masquerading as Police.

It now turns out that Basra seems to be ruled by Militia mob since the SAS men had to be rescued from a house in Basra.

It seems the military knew that the Militia had significantly taken over Iraqi security authorities.

Local police revealed the whereabouts of the two men after the station was stormed.

"At the point of a 30mm cannon - no shots were fired - but at the point of this cannon, the Iraqi police gave away the location of where the two British soldiers had been taken," he said. More here.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell said "it would fuel the insurgency." Twat. It turns out it was the fucking insurgency that was holding the SAS men.

Everything fuels the insurgency. Eating ice cream from Burger King probably fuels the insurgency in his eyes.

4 Responses to “British Army rescue SAS from Militia-rule in Basra”

  1. # Blogger de

    Hmm, driving round in a car full of explosives and spraying fire on the first people to approach them?
    And offering no explanation or apology.


    Yeah I guess that could piss people off.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Yeah your right. Should have left the SAS men to be have their heads lopped off by Moqtada's miltia. I mean come on. Yeh the Basra population is angry. But so should the British authorities. The Police handed them over to terrorists.

    Britain should immediatley rebuild the prison, but should not apologise for rescuing two of their SAS men from sure gruesome death.  

  3. # Blogger Gavin Ayling

    The Lib Dems have a very strange line on what people should be allowed to do. They admit proudly that they think murderers, rapists and, worst of all, paedophiles should be given the vote. No wonder they think the odd execution of a British soldier is better than that we try and rescue them!  

  4. # Anonymous Dwain Causby

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