BBC Protecting Islamists from Met Police!

"The BBC was facing a clash with the Metropolitan Police last night after refusing to hand over videotapes to prosecutors investigating two Muslim clerics suspected of inciting violence"

If it's the case that
Abu Uzair that has been inciting terrorism in the UK, surely the BBC has no grounds to withhold evidence?

Where does their allegiance lie, with the population of the UK, or with Islamists?

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  1. # Blogger J


    who's side is the bbc on? more like who runs the bbc. At the end of the day, the bbc is made up of wussy lefties. You need to look at it from this perpective. Take Israel, there are countless bbc reporters in gaza/judea/samaria (west bank). Out of 1 hours worth of footage that shows the islamists in the region to be killers and terrorists, the bbc wil splice about 1 minutes worth of women fake crying and men being coached to lie about having their homes stolen. This is not a bbc rule, but a rule of the local militia men, if bbc follow the orders of islamic terrorists, they are provided with plenty of footage and fame in the arab world. However, if the beeb, or any other news station decided to show these islamists in their true light, all bbc reporters on the ground with be in fear of their lives. Take the ramallah lynching, where the italian reporters were threatened with execution after filming the slaughter of two israelis at the hands of "palestinian" police was filmed.

    Basically, the beeb fear the same over here, if they hand over the footage of the incitement, they fear reporters here and in muslim countries will be under attack, violent attack.

    That and there probably are some in the bbc with an agenda of jihad.  

  2. # Blogger Gavin Ayling

    Maybe Israel and the police should refuse to do reports for the BBC in this case - if it's as low as that, surely people would watch a station that had an equal and opposite bias because they were only willing to publish balanced reports? I look forward to ITN showing the true face of the homicide bombers in Israel and the only police press releases (except where they need coverage to catch someone I suppose).  

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