At last MCB Launch Incident Hotline!

At last! Some action against extremism in the Muslim community!

MCB Launches Incident Monitoring Service (IMS): Call 0800 376 3939

After the recent events the Muslim Community in Britain, has become extremely vulnerable.

Oh. Hang on a minute. The free 24/7 hotline isn't about preventing terrorism at all! It's about protecting Muslims from Islamophobes, silly!

Those damned Islamphobes! Killing scores of people indescriminately in the name of Islamophobia!

Update: Welcome JihadWatchers!

2 Responses to “At last MCB Launch Incident Hotline!”

  1. # Blogger John Sobieski

    It's so important to protect the Musims from those terrorists - the islamophobes. They have tortured and killed millions of Muslims for 1400 years. Let's round up the islamaphobes and send them back... wait a minute, they don't have anywhere to go. Well let's just throw them all into prison and throw away the key.  

  2. # Blogger cameljockey

    Unfortunately the scenario above is pretty much what will happen if the moon-bats and the lefty-looneys team up with the sons of Allah, -which they normally do-, and we all lose. This is a time to fight for what we believe in, it is no longer possible to just sit back and look on while everything goes to the dogs.  

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