60 days jail for showing beheading video on his mobile

Ok, I know it's disgusting. But it happens all around the world. I suppose it 'offends our Western sensibilties' (as a Guardian journalist once described suicide bombings). See BBC article.

But, I mean christ almighty above - 60 days in prison for showing someone a video off the net?

OK the guy sounds like a bit of twat, but an overreaction or what? Correct me if I'm wrong.

To be honsest with you, you can't truly know what goes on in the world by watching the News at 6. Atrocities are being committed all around the world (many) by Islamic fundamentalists - Iran, Pakistan, Darfur, Iraq, the list goes on & on. The shock of seeing such disgusting acts, would in my hope of hopes allow for positive change. Without awareness these things will cary on.

Why the fuck can't people draw attention to it? Try visiting Apostates of Islam.
Not for the fainthearted. If you would rather bury your head in the sand PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK.

Israelis Murder Palestinians!

"The local leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Samer Saadi, was reportedly shot dead in Jenin."

"The other two men, both members of the Islamic Jihad, were killed in an exchange of fire in the town of Birqin."

Only only on clicking the link does the bbc go so far as to describe them as Militants rather than just Palestinians. (which could be small children picking strawberries).

Protestors demanding "Troops Out Now" Are a Bit Stupid Really

As Mary Riddell of the Observer comments:

"to cut and run, and so ordain a flood of needless deaths, is a shocking answer for liberals who pride themselves on their humanity..."

Indeed. But the Socialist Workers Party / Stop the War Coalition / Respect Party are hardly known for their reasoned and rational thought out comments are they?! They call themselves liberals but they side with fascists. Where's the screams of the far left of the humanity of leaving the population at large to a bunch of murderous thugs? How on this planet we call Earth can this be justified with a clear Conscience? Many on the left have lost their way altogether...

BBC Protecting Islamists from Met Police!

"The BBC was facing a clash with the Metropolitan Police last night after refusing to hand over videotapes to prosecutors investigating two Muslim clerics suspected of inciting violence"

If it's the case that
Abu Uzair that has been inciting terrorism in the UK, surely the BBC has no grounds to withhold evidence?

Where does their allegiance lie, with the population of the UK, or with Islamists?

I would do it again - Basra Rescue

"The message this action has sent to terrorists around the world is that they cannot expect to take British soldiers hostage and get away with it"

Read the rest here.

Palestinian Peace & Love in action


HAMAS accidentally blew up 4 people and injured 25 when they went on a love & peace
parade with live weapons & explosives.

Another one in hilariously titled Palestinian Work Accident Watch series. I particularly like the aptly titled Palestinian Child Abuse series aswell.

Stupid sods. Where's all the decent peace loving Palestinians? Where's the anti-terror, anti-war demonstrations? Where's the call for human decency, respect?

UPDATE: Apparently 19 are dead and 80 are wounded

Even the
Palestinian authorities are blaming HAMAS.

"The Palestinian interior ministry, Abbas's Fatah party and witnesses all said that the blast was probably caused by explosives packed into a Hamas jeep."

Of course the spineless terrorists are blaming Israel. Israel replied:

"Any attempt to use this affair as a pretext for attacks against Israeli civilians will be considered with gravity," the army said, as the military imposed a total blockade on the Palestinian territories.

Not another 10 Tons of coke a month factory.

"Colombian troops raided a sprawling clandestine drug laboratory run by a paramilitary group that was capable of producing 10 tons of cocaine a month, officials said Tuesday."

10 Tons of coke - in 1 month!!

This is the biggest cocaine-processing factory we've found this year".

My god. What did they find last year?!! And does Kate Moss know about this?!

Note: Poor old girl. She'll bounce back though! She looked very hot having been up all night taking coke at 5am. And she's was very kindly dishing out the coke to her guests. Its almost unbelievable that a supermodel taking coke can make the headlines!! I mean come on! Surprised?!

Shock! Guardian Columnist Misrepesents The Truth!

In July 5% of Muslims told an ICM poll that more bombings would be justified. Given the margin of error, this could be at least hundreds and at most thousands of potential suicide bombers. Whether it be Anthony Walker's murderers or terrorists, we know it only takes a few. In this article.

Ahem. The implication here from this Guardian journalist is that perhaps only a couple of hundred UK Muslims justified the London Bombings. For a start it was 6%. The Muslim population of Britain is estimated at 1.6 million. That would equal nearly 100,000 UK Muslims believing the London Bombings justified. Not quite the possible few hundred that Gary Young implies. He also negates the fact that margin of error could work against his own political agenda.

How can anyone take the Guardian lefties seriously when they have to misrepresent the truth in order to attain their political agendas???

I mean sweeping statistics under the carpet does NOBODY any favours. Downplaying resentment in the Muslim community is hardly going to acheive Equality & Integration in the UK.

Perhaps we need to take a long hard look at the world, and face some uncomfortable facts.

After a fight broke out between undercover SAS & 'Iraqi Police', two undercover SAS men were seized.

SAS were told many insurgents were masquerading as Police.

It now turns out that Basra seems to be ruled by Militia mob since the SAS men had to be rescued from a house in Basra.

It seems the military knew that the Militia had significantly taken over Iraqi security authorities.

Local police revealed the whereabouts of the two men after the station was stormed.

"At the point of a 30mm cannon - no shots were fired - but at the point of this cannon, the Iraqi police gave away the location of where the two British soldiers had been taken," he said. More here.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell said "it would fuel the insurgency." Twat. It turns out it was the fucking insurgency that was holding the SAS men.

Everything fuels the insurgency. Eating ice cream from Burger King probably fuels the insurgency in his eyes.

Fawlty Towers

It's been 30 years since Fawlty Towers was first broadcast.

Check out some clips for a good 'ol laugh.

Bloody brilliant.

At last MCB Launch Incident Hotline!

At last! Some action against extremism in the Muslim community!

MCB Launches Incident Monitoring Service (IMS): Call 0800 376 3939

After the recent events the Muslim Community in Britain, has become extremely vulnerable.

Oh. Hang on a minute. The free 24/7 hotline isn't about preventing terrorism at all! It's about protecting Muslims from Islamophobes, silly!

Those damned Islamphobes! Killing scores of people indescriminately in the name of Islamophobia!

Update: Welcome JihadWatchers!

They're made out of meat?

"They're made out of meat."


"Meat. They're made out of meat."


"There's no doubt about it. We picked up several from different parts
of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, and probed them all
the way through. They're completely meat."

"That's impossible. What about the radio signals? The messages to
the stars?"

"They use the radio waves to talk, but the signals don't come from
them. The signals come from machines."

"So who made the machines? That's who we want to contact."

"_They_ made the machines. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Meat made
the machines."

"That's ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You're asking me to
believe in sentient meat."

Read the rest here. Fooking hilarious!!

Please forgive us, we're merely infidels.

Bollockless bishops just want to be loved by Islamists.

"In the absence of a Government apology, a "truth and reconciliation commission" involving religious leaders could be formed to apologise for the West's "errors", the bishops say in a new report."

Apologists for Islam. Just want this country needs after 7/7. And Saddam was just so nice to Muslims when he was in charge.

Ice cream wrapper offensive to Muslims

An ice cream wrapper at Burger King has a number of chocolate splodges painted on it. This looks vaguely like the word for Allah in arabic, which of course is highly offensive to muslims apparently.

Burger King is to spend thousands on redesign. Only one person compained, but well it was a Muslim. I mean what would happen if they didn't?

The little upstart said "This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims."

Why don't Burger King go the whole hog and close down in a fit of sympanthy for the Islamists?

For fucksake. The whole west offends these nofun-da-mentalists. If you don't want to be offended go live in an Islamic Utopia like The Islamic Republic of Iran or Saudia Arabia.

Binge culture? What binge culture?!

Just a convo with a mate on messenger. Went something like this:

Him: i sank a 70cl bottle of vodka last night, so i'll be taking it easy today

Me: i had 8 large cans's of 5% San Miguel & a whole bottle of 75cl of 12% Rose wine. I don't think we live in a binge culture, do you?!

Which bring's to mind a very serious question hidden amongst all this frivolousness. Which is how much can you drink before you pass out?

The Guardian spoofing Harry's Place Blog?

Well intially Gene was taken in by, it and shortly they cottoned on that it was a spoof article. Me? Well I thought it was a bloody good article, in which I agree, 100%! Which is bizzare, if those clever folks over there are right, which i'm sure they are that's its a made up article by a made up journalist.

"if you were a senior voice on the left, you were in favour of defeating a fascistic dictatorship, not on the side of the murderous, leering tyrant and his slobbering death squads. If there's one thing I've learned in the past three years, it's this: the left hasn't just lost its way in this country, it's now so bereft of any sense of direction that it's gone blundering off after George Galloway, down the corpse-stinking ditch that ends in tyranny."


It's a real credit to HP though, well done boys & girls.

Ken Livingstone still a twat

Basically the article at the article at the Telegraph starts of with Ken's p.c. mission regarding the armless pregant sculpture in Trafalgar square. Which i'm really not fussed about either way.... Though Charles Moore points out this is the second disabled statue in Trafalgar, Nelson has only one arm and one eye.

But he does say something I think is important;

"People should pay more serious attention to Ken. The press attacks on his "loony" "antics" have done him a good turn, because they have persuaded people that he is an amusing English eccentric, even a positively attractive poker of the eye of authority. They have allowed us to avoid asking the question: what is he trying to do?"

For those of you not following Ken's 'antics' I let you in on some little known facts. He backs's the infamous "Yusuf al-Qaradawi, whom he welcomed on a visit to London last year. Qaradawi says that suicide bombing in Palestine, Israel and Iraq is not only a right, but actually a religious duty."


"In linking Qaradawi, the spiritual adviser to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, with the modernising Pope of peace, Ken is trying to subvert the normal moral order about what is peace and what is war. He wants to do this so that he can advance the idea that Muslim grievances in the Middle East are the great moral challenge in our time, as once were slavery or apartheid (he constantly interpolates Nelson Mandela into the argument). He wants us to believe that the thinkers who exalt killing in this cause are modern, good and holy."

Ken is not just a harmless English eccentric. He's a complete twat.

Galloway booed

George Galloway got booed and cut-off as he made comments about September 11, in New York (and in September).

Guardian write up of Galloway V Hitchens in NY.

But Mr Galloway hit the wrong note with his comments on September 11. "You may think that those aeroplanes in this city on 9/11 came out of a clear, blue sky. I believe they emerged out of a swamp of hatred created by us." A crescendo of booing cut him off as he continued to speak, and Mr Hitchens commented: "Mr Galloway, you picked the wrong city to say that in, and arguably the wrong month, as well."

Must have been well gutted at that. Wish I was there.

Minions of chaos

Islam & The West

"Devoid of the necessary skills and tools to decipher the religious texts, minions of chaos have side-stepped over 1,000 years of scholasticism and Koranic exegesis [critical explanation of a text] to create their own deluded Sharia - a new law couched in Islamic terminology established solely to be the antithesis of the West.

Under this law, there is only hatred and rejection. Under this law, Muslims and non-Muslims alike are its victims."

This article was first up at the BBC a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked, shocked I tell you to see a balanced article on Islam and the West. Not exactly Aunties forté.


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