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Irish "anti-war" invite Hizbollah

The Irish "anti-war" movement, clearly are not anti-war at all, they are just cheering on the wrong side (as all hardcore lefties seem to be these days)

They have invited Hizbollah to their "anti-war" conference at the at the Royal Dublin Hotel on October 13. Hizbollah, who have avowed to destroy Israel, at an "anti-war" conference. Yup.

Fucking stupid fucking cuntish cunts is what I have to say on the matter. Good day.

20,000 March for freedom & democracy in Burma

Burma's largest anti-government protest in nearly two decades has taken place in the former capital Rangoon, led by Buddhist monks and nuns.

Up to 20,000 people took to the streets on the seventh day of protests calling for an end to the "evil dictatorship".

BBC news

Atheist Walking

i.e. America generally speaking

The Atheist Delusion

That is well racialist

Teenagers from London's black community are being targeted by a new Metropolitan Police advertisement. The advert from Operation Trident, which fights gun crime in the community, portrays the views of young prisoners jailed for gun offences.

An ad-hoc guide to BBC p.c. lingo, here more than ever is a example of the euphemism "youths"

As the heading to the article is Gun crime advert targets youths

Those youths! Shooting again! Trying to emulate that US youth culture! What if older youths were better role models? Why are the older youths more likely to leave the younger youths in one-youth families, more so than other types of youth? These are all questions that are being asked about and within the youth community.

How Islam is used to incite hatred to Jews

This is none other than the Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Ahmad Bahr, who as the demented lefties enjoy pointing out, was democratically elected by the Palestinian people.

In the Quran it refers Jews & Christians being or being turned into apes and pigs in here, here and here, their crime, rejection of Islam.

Meanwhile the UN has a report that 'islamophobia' is on the rise. There has been no corresponding report on infidelophobia, however.

The Secret to Eternal Life!

Italy urged to go on pasta strike

Italy urged to go on pasta strike

What are they gonna eat instead?!

In other news Amercians to stop eating burgers and fries, economy to collapse.

Annoy friends & family!

Send them this link! Try it with sounds on. Please don't say you actually watched it unlike an unmentionable friend without trying to close the window down!

Gaza militants fired a rocket in to Israel, injuring 69 Israeli soldiers, 4 in a serious condition. Now as all lefties know, if the Israelis withdrew from the Palestinian territories, this wouldn't have happened.

Except of course they did withdraw from Gaza. Oh. Must be because of behalf of their brothers in the West Bank then!

Radio Show

Listen to this. Pastorius' Infidels hilarious radio show. Funniest one yet.

The BBC and other news organisations have commissioned a poll asking Iraqis what they think. Whilst the BBC headlines with 'failure' and sub-headings as' pessimistic', the fact remains that

More than half of Iraqis STILL want coalition forces to stay until security is improved

So all those twats asking for an "immediate withdrawal", would be going against the wishes of the Iraqi people. But these people have consistently opposed the wishes of the Iraqi people from the outset.

A poll was conducted in 2005, one of the questions was "Do you think the decision to remove Saddam was correct?". Guess which, of all the countries in the world, had the highest number of Yes's? The Iraqis, with 74% saying yes. Yet millions of non-Iraqis opposed the removal of Saddam, claiming some sort of delusional moral high ground.

Those people asking for an immediate withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq are contemptible, and both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Anti piracy adverts getting mean

Anti piracy advert from The IT Crowd

Pavarotti, in The Three Tenors - Nessun Dorma

How long will humans last?

How long can we possibly survive? 300 years? 10,000 years? A 1,000,000 years?

The problem with civilization is that as technology increases, so does the capability and likelihood for self-destruction. Already we have the weapons to destroy the planet several times over. It only takes one gigantic mistake. Theoretically only a small group of individuals, if so dedicated, could do this also intentionally, either an ideological or even criminal group.

Whilst the future for humanity is anything but written, we will have to constantly fight against the tendency for self-destruction.

Which brings me on neatly to this little news piece.

A B-52 bomber flew across the US last week mistakenly loaded with up to six nuclear-armed missiles

Easy mistake to make.

"Hey, Chuck, where'd ya put those 6 nukes?"
"What 6 nukes?"
"The 6 nukes I left next to the B-52 being used for training flights?"
"Oh those nukes.... I umm, got them loaded on the B-52?"
"You what?! The B-52 that's flying across the whole of the US?"
"Err, yeah"
"Oh shit."

The BBC is doing it's moral is it acceptable thing with regards to the peadophile Brian Daveys who wrote instructional books for children.

To many of a basic knowledge of islam will know that the prophet of islam had sex with Aisha at the age of 9. Indeed, when the Iranian Islamic revolution toppled the Shah in 1979, the legal miniumum age for sex was dropped to 9 years old (provided you married her first, of course) as set by the example of the prophet.

There are 1.2 billion muslims in the world, who revere Mohammed as their prophet. I wonder what the chances are of the BBC bringing in to question the morality of Mohammed having sex with a 9 year old?!

Islamic forums

I have another rant up at Infidel Bloggers

A source tells DrunkenBlogging that the BBC really, really, wanted to put "terror" in quotations, but couldn't as Al-Jazeera has got there first.

Apart from Al-Jazeera - and the BBC - most other news outlets managed to hide their cynicism, for the West's anti-terrorism effort.

Now, that wasn't so hard was it? If AFP and AP can resist, surely you can BBC, huh?

Pictures of Walls

Oh no!

Good point...

Let's hope so...

These are all from Pictures on Walls (warning it's addictive!)

Muslim groups want to legally censure mocking of Islam

No fucking surprise here. Same old shit.

A Swedish newspaper has printed a blasphemous cartoon of that 7th century Arab psychopath that started the wondrous religion of Islam.

Sweden's government said it regretted any hurt but could not apologise as it was not responsible for the drawing and could not prevent its publication.

An umbrella body representing 57 Muslim nations, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, condemned the latest cartoon and urged the Swedish government to punish those responsible.

They can condemn it without requesting that we Westerners change our laws to suit their ancient blasphemy taboos. THIS is what I mean by creeping Muslim demands.

At the liberal/left/asian blog Pickled Politics I recently commented

I don’t think a “paranoia” about creeping Muslim demands is completely unfounded, after self declared Muslims blew up 52 innocents, then more self declared muslims trying to follow in their footsteps, after British muslims have gone on to the streets of london saying behead those who insult islam, after islamic nhs workers try to detonate a nightclub in london, after they pathetically tried to blow up glasgow airport, after the numerous thwarted attacked including the “dancing slags” trial, I don’t think that the paranoia on the right is quite as illogical as the paranoia of many on the left.

What I should have explained it's not the terrorists so much, it's really the Muslim organisations, such as the Organisation of Islamic Conference which composes of 57 Muslim groups that actually seek to change the law, or put another way, creeping Muslim demands. If Muslims don't want to be spoken for by these massive umbrella groups of Muslim organisations then surely there would be larger counter groups?

Of course by saying the phrase creeping Muslim demands, I was instantly dismissed as "a paranoiac racist". This must all be a figment of my imagination, then.

Meanwhile artists have morphed Jesus in to Bin Laden. No beheadings or street rallies calling for the slaughter of the artists have yet been reported in response.

Fat fucking chance, hypocritical fucks like "Lenin" openly support Islamic terror groups (notice the Hizbollah flag top left) whilst attending "anti-war" rallies hosted by Stop the War Coalition. Will RESPECT and STWC now be condemning Hizb-ut-tahrir for their pro-war stance?

The self-described non-violent Hizb uti-Tahrir group of Muslims met in Copenhagen this week and urged the destruction of Israel, according to the Danish newspaper Nyhedsavisen. Approximately 600 Muslims attended the meeting of the growing organization, which calls for the re-establishment of Islamic law according to a new Caliphate as it existed in the Middle Ages.

"The Caliphate can arrive in an hour, two months or two years from now," said Fadi Abdullatif, Hizb ut-Tahrir’s president, who previously has been convicted for urging the murder of Jews. Another leader, Atta bin Khalil, called on believers to "continue their state of war against the Jewish nation."

On this day 1979: 18 British soldiers massacred by IRA

BBC on this day 27th August 1979
At least 18 soldiers have been killed in two booby-trap bomb attacks at Warrenpoint, South Down, close to the border with the Irish Republic.

It is the highest death toll suffered by the British Army in a single incident since it arrived in Northern Ireland to restore order a decade ago. The IRA are believed to be behind the attack.
It's amazing to think that now, at long last, we have relative peace in Northern Ireland. and British troops have finally been able to withdraw from active operations there.

We will not forget that the IRA war probably largely funded by Irish Americans. On 11th September 2001, it seems many of these American supporters of the IRA finally realised that terrorism was wrong.

A BBC article on peace in Northern Ireland describes the 9/11 effect

The huge funding for militant Republicanism by Irish-Americans was already in decline before the attacks on the US on 11 September 2001. That day, however, changed the world, and drove many organisations labelled as "terrorist" to the margins. The IRA and its political allies recognised that political violence was suddenly deeply unfashionable among previously staunch supporters.
I love the way the BBC put things sometimes - "political violence became deeply unfashionable". I cant help but think the BBC hack who put this together was actually referring to the liberal left's soft spot for political violence and terrorism.

Jeremy Clarkson

Seems to have sparked off a bit of a furore by insulting over several million Brits who live abroad. Heh.

The hell of being a British expat

nobody has ever woken up and thought, “I know. I have a wonderful family, lots of money, a great job and an active social life. I shall therefore move to Australia.”

Australia is where you go when you’ve made a mess of everything. That’s why the 1.3m Brits who live there are known as whingeing Poms. Because they’re all failures.

It's got 180 comments so far...

Islam in Sweden

The BBC's Have Their Say (part 32)

President Bush has given an uncharacteristically good and lengthy speech on Iraq. Listen to the full speech here.

And the BBC quote an "Iraq analyst" - James Denselow

Quite why the US would want to remain in Iraq other than to make Iraq a success is beyond me. Why the fuck would they want to stay in Iraq and "justify" their presence?!!

A quick google brings up a rather atrocious Guardian (surprise!) "Comment is Free" article, which begins

As details continue to emerge about the recent attacks on Glasgow airport and London's Haymarket, we are confronted with the unintended consequences of the west's failed policy towards Iraq

It's all our fault! If only we hadn't of Invaded Iraq 9/11 would never have happened...

Young, Nazi and Proud

I have another post up on Infidel Bloggers Alliance if you fancy a gander.

British Understatement

Head teacher murderer allowed to stay in UK

The man who knifed head teacher Philip Lawrence to death has been allowed to stay in the UK after winning an appeal against deportation.

Learco Chindamo, 26, is serving a life sentence for killing Mr Lawrence outside his school in Maida Vale, north London, in 1995.

Chindamo's lawyers argued that deporting him to Italy, where he was born, would breach his human rights.
BBC news

What a load of fucking cuntish bollocks. Italy, the symbol of torture world-wide... When will the UK pull out of the "human rights" act which gives murderers and terrorists "rights" to stay in the UK?

Update: Lawrence widow shock at decision

The widow of murdered teacher Philip Lawrence has said she was "utterly devastated" by the decision not to deport her husband's killer.

Frances Lawrence said she had been told Learco Chindamo would be deported to Italy, where his father was from.

The government said it would challenge "robustly" the decision to allow Chindamo, who stabbed Mr Lawrence in 1995 when he was 15, to stay in the UK.

The 26-year-old is serving a life sentence for the 1995 killing.

His lawyers argued that deporting him to Italy, where he was born, would breach his human rights.

Chindamo, who was jailed for life in 1996 with a minimum 12-year term, could be released early next year if the Parole Board decides it is safe to do so.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw has confirmed the government would be taking the case to appeal and told the BBC he would be offering to meet Mrs Lawrence on Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Lawrence told the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme: "I didn't anticipate that I would feel so utterly devastated as I felt.

"I think that within the confines of the law Mr Chindamo has the same rights as, for instance, my son whose father he killed.

"But what I don't understand and what makes me so depressed is how the Human Rights Act, which was set up... in order to be an exemplar to show how human beings should live together fairly and equally and kindly, and now it's allowed someone who destroyed a life to pick and choose how he wants to live his.

"When we speak of morality, we've only got to utter the word and we're derided.

"And when we speak of the relationship between rights and responsibilities we can be held in contempt. And to me, I see this underlying the growing problem, the plague of knife crime and violent crime."

Of course she's right - robbery at knife point has DOUBLED in within past two years, and only 1 in 10 of those caught with a knife are jailed for it. They need to understand that actions have consequences, serious ones, not a slap on the wrist, so to speak. They need to understand when they commit a terrible crime they LOOSE their rights as they have disregarded their responsibilities.

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